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Provisional licence holders

Lessons are available for 1hour (Thirsk & Northallerton area only), 90 mins or 2 hours. (Please ask if you would like to do longer).

All lessons & practical tests are taken in my school cars; I do not conduct lessons or present pupils for practical tests in pupils own cars.


Post Test Driver Training

Most people think that you only hire a driving instructor if you want to learn to drive, and that we only teach learner drivers. It doesn't stop there, well not at my school.

  • Pass Plus - This is a course designed for new drivers to gain driving experience on the more challenging roads, and in more challenging situations. The first time you enter a motorway need not be on your own, wouldn't it be better to have expert advice the first time, this is covered as part of the course. Over half of all collisions where somebody is killed take place on rural roads, there's lots of these in our area, more challenging than you will have done in driving lessons, this is also covered as part of the course. On a lighter note, many insurance companies reward you with a discount for doing the Pass Plus course.


  • Motorway Driver Training (gain confidence on motorways) - Maybe you passed your driving test a while ago and shy away from dual carraigeways and motorways. Why not do some driver training and gain confidence and be safe to travel far and wide across the country on the motorway network.


  • Refresher Driving Courses (for those who haven't driven for a while or have lost confidence due to collision) - If you have a full UK licence and simply have not driven for ages, or lost your confidence after a collision, don't waste that skill! I can help you get back behind the wheel and put your confidence back. Remember there will be no test at the end!!


  • Overseas (for residents from overseas to familiarise with UK roads, laws etc) - If you are new to this country and feel a little unsure of the laws, or about driving on the other side of the road then please give me a call. Also if you are unsure whether or not you can exchange your licence then get in touch. 


  • Transitional Courses If you are considering changing to automatic from manual this will help you familiarise with the differences between the cars.


  • Automatic familiarisation as a full licence holder that has passed in a manual car you are allowed to drive an automatic, but perhaps never have; if you simply just want to try it for an odd lesson or 2 then please get in touch.

If there is any driving related matter not covered here that you need help with please contact me and I will try to help, 07762 828038 or email

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Manual & Automatic lessons

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